Our fundraising event decals offer you the opportunity to show off your favorite organization while raising money for your school, club, team, or group by selling custom decals for a profit.

We can duplicate any logo/mascot, or use one of our images, We can then customize the decals with a group name, individual names and/or numbers. Children and parents alike love seeing their mascot ripping out of a window, with their child's name/number! What a great way to support your team!

If you want to create multiple stickers, each with different names or numbers, just email all of the information and we will design exactly what you are looking for. You can also email a spreadsheet with the information. If you have a logo, be sure to attach that as well.

99% of all groups order their decals in the approximate 8" x 8" size, but if you are looking for a different size decal we can do absolutely anything you may need.

Your wholesale price per decal depends on the size and quantity you order. No order is too big or too small!

We are excited to have the opportunity to work with you.
Send us as much info as possible on what you want, and we will get back to you quickly with an order form to hand out to parents, which couldn't make it easier for you to earn your team money! Perfect for party money, banquets, equipment or anything your team could use the money for.

We can supply you with the perfect flyer to hand out to your team mom, coach, or parents. They then fill out the order forms and return them to you with payment. We can make the prices and forms be anything you want, with mascots and decals for ANY team. Once you have collected all forms back, mail or email them to us, with payment to us for stickers. We will gladly quote you a great price for them, to where you can make a nice chunk for YOUR team! It's that simple. Your team is happy, the child and parent is excited to them see them on your vehicle, and you make some easy money. Perfect for ANY team!

Heres a sample of the flyer you get to hand out, we can design them for any mascot or team logo.

Contact us with your info, and let ANYStickerUWant help you start earning money for you club, team, or events.



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